Why I can’t connect device with Samsung?

If the device can be found in Weloop APP, but can not be connected, please follow the steps below

1.Make sure the device is fully charged and not connected to other phones.

2.Reboot the device

( Now2: While charging, use a u-shaped needle or a similar tool to poke the reset hole on the back of the charging clip for about 3 seconds to restart the device;Hey3s:press the right button and don’t release until the device restart.)

3.[ setting] ﹣﹥[ Bluetooth ]. Forget/cancel all Bluetooth devices in the Bluetooth list, no matter if they are connected or not

4.Reboot your phone ,then search and connect your device in the WeLoop App (If you can not find it in the App, please try to turn on GPS switch on your phone and try again)

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